Easy, efficient, and insightful. It helps you track and manage electric car charging right from your Smartphone or computer.

Installation Services

We make it easy to go electric with our residential and commercial installation services. Our nationwide network of EV-certified and licensed electricians will install and test your EV charging station, facilitate permitting and final inspection, and train you on how to best use your new charger.

What Sets Our Installation Services Apart?

We specifically train our network of certified installers on the specifics of installing residential and commercial EV charging. They’re required to know all of the relevant local requirements for charger installation, and they are equipped with special equipment that allows them to certify that a charger is functioning properly. Not only that, our installers will obtain necessary permits and manage the inspection of the completed installation by the local regulatory agency. This takes added hassle off of your shoulders and allows you to enjoy your new EV and charging experience worry-free.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy! Simply visit our store or call the Support Line at+91-9361724408or email us at to discuss how we can make your EV charger installation easy and worry-free.