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DC-001 EV charger is an ideal product for charging vehicles with battery voltage <100V. The Charger supports high current output of up to 200A for fast charging scenarios. Wide output voltage range allows these assets to be used for charging anything from a 2 wheeler to a passenger car while optional configuration of 1 or 2 guns provides the required flexibility. High efficiency modular power converter configuration allows easy field upgrades and maintenance. These chargers come with connected services to allow integration with payment platforms or smart electrical systems apart from housekeeping functions such as remote upgrades, diagnostics etc. These are ideal for commercial, fleet operations, parking etc.

  • Key Features
  • Key Technical Specifications

  • Supports BEVC-DC001 Specification

  • Wide output Voltage from 40V-100V for charging any type of Vehicle.

  • High Efficiency of 95% ensuring optimized use of power.

  • Modular power configuration for redundancy and easy serviceability.

  • 7” touch screen user interface and intuitive user experience..

  • RFID for user authentication and network connectivity for remote management, managing energy costs etc..

  • Capable of charging 2 vehicles at a time.

  • OCPP 1.6 Complaint.

  • IP54 – Designed for indoor or outdoor applications.

  • Input Voltage 3L + N + PE; 370-460Vac
    Power Factor >0.98
    User Authentication Optional ISO/IEC 14443A RFID based authentication
    Communication Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, 4G/3G modem (Optional)
    Display and User Interface 7” Touch screen
    Operating Temperature -20º C to 55º C
    IP Protection IP54
    Weight <200 Kg
    Output Plug 1 / 2 DC
    Plug Type GB/T with 20234.3 Compliance
    Power Output 15KW (Single Gun) / 20KW (Double Gun)
    Output Voltage 40 – 100Vdc
    Output Current (Max) 200A
    Cable Length 5 Mt
    • Input Voltage: 180-300V AC
    • Maximum Output Voltage: 95V DC ( Constant Voltage)
    • Charging Current: 2.7A (constant current )
    • Application: 72V Lead Acid Battery Packs.
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